Daisy Dickinson is a London-based director/visual artist whose work involves experimental short film, music video, projected installation and live visual performance. She is one half of audio/visual collaboration ‘Adrena Adrena’ with drummer E-da Kazuhisa (Boredoms, Seefeel) and 'm a t e k o i' with multi-instrumentalist Maxim Barron, as well as working on AV shows with other artists such as Samuel Kerridge, Snapped Ankles, Toy, The Comet is Coming, Grimm Grimm, Seefeel, HAHA Sounds Collective and Yuko Araki. Dickinson’s visuals have been described as ‘magmatic and sulphurous, cosmological and transcendental, drawing attention to the wonder of the earth and our sensuality on it’.

Her shorts films have been screened at festivals such as The BFI London Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, among others and her installation work has shown at venues such as the ICA, The Tate Modern, Shepards Bush Empire and Village Underground in London, CERN in Geneva and Kraftwerk in Berlin, as well as completing audio-visual tours across the UK, Europe, Japan and Taiwan.


"Both mind-melting and rhythmically irresistible- you can either dance wildly or gaze open-mouthed at the sphere like it's a portal to another universe, or somehow attempt both at once."

    The Quietus

"it looked like a planet, a marble, the inside of a brain, or was filled by trapped insects and humans. The effect was transfixing, and comes highly recommended."

    Loud and Quiet Magazine

“No doubt the best and most diverse band on day one was Adrena Adrena... it’s a staggeringly hypnotising live prospect. With just E-Da Kazuhisa on stage behind the drums, it’s magnificently impressive in just how captivating the performance is.”

​    Brightons Finest

"Continuing the theme of arresting visuals mingling with forward-thinking sounds, as the next act Adrena Adrena took to the stage....Japanese rock drummer E-Da Kazuhisa, his drumkit almost hidden beneath the shimmering white sphere, filled the room with complex avant-garde rhythms that ranged from jazz to punishing breaks, culminating in a wall of ear-piercing white noise."

    The Argus

“Dickinson’s projections become magmatic and sulphurous, psychedelically cosmological, and thawed with ice. The music and visuals don’t so much flow as spin and expand like the galaxies, but as the performance comes to its close, the aforementioned images of drums rolling down an English countryside rocky stream emanate along with accompanying percussive downpours. The performance is both elemental and epic, drawing you into its transcendental rhythmic and visual orbit before landing you in the grounded and earthly realm of the physical drum hitting the rocks in the splash of a river, drawing attention to the wonder of the earth and our sensuality on it.” 

    Fluid Radio

"Pretty soon you weren't taking in the sights and sounds as separate elements at all, but hand been induced into a kind of synaesthesia. And if that seems like we're reverting to Sixties terminology like 'trip' we might as well go with it.... it felt like a trip (man), like being taken through some other reality then dumped back in ours at the end."

    Lucid Frenzy

Hypnotic and mesmerising, were the visuals accompanying the soundtrack or visa versa? Whatever the case, the perfect duality of the situation demands full attention…to the point where it feels there also needs to be a tactile element to the show…the ability to reach out and touch both the colours and the beats of the drums.Powerful stuff, with dreamy and enthralling images of waterfalls, icicles and palms unfolding before our eyes, and complex rhythms insinuating themselves deep within our ears.

    Brighton and Hove News

Adrena Adrena, a project comprised of E-Da Kazuhisa (best known as drummer of Japanese noise band Boredoms) and visual artist Daisy Dickinson, are first on. The crowd are greeted with an 8ft tall white orb, across which Dickinson’s projections are mapped. The natural world is a recurring theme, with fungi and slime moulds blooming across the sphere. Kazuhisa’s drums underpin the sea of electronic noise, and beneath the dances a light triggered by the percussion. Adrena Adrena are microcosmic, cramming an otherwordly performance into their short stage time.

    Counteract Magazine


Winner of Sony Entertainment’s Bass Music Awards 2014

Official Selection for Bornshorts Film Festival 2014

Official Selection for Raindance Film Festival 2015

Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2016

Official Selection Encounters Short Film Festival 2016

Official Selection for Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016

Official Selection Vienna Independent Film Festival 2016

Official Selection for London Experimental Film Festival 2016

Official Selection for London Short Film Festival 2017

Official Selection for Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017

Finalist for Celeste Prize by Fatoş Üstek 2017

Nominated for the National Open Art Award 2017

Official selection East End Film Festival 2018

Official selection for Oxford Film Festival 2018

Official selection SHORT to the point 2018

Official selection Toronto Short Film Festival 2018

Official selection New York International Film Festival 2018

Official selection Underwire Festival 2018

Official selection Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival 2017 & 2018 

Winner Film Crash Film Festival 2018, USA

Official selection Bucharest Shortcut CineFest 2019/ 2020

Official selection Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival 2019

Official selection Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020

Official selection The Monthly Film Festival 2020


Video installation at Sounds From the Other City Fesitval 2020 (POSTPONED)

Video Installation at Pikes Hotel, September 2018, IBIZA

Video Installation at Reading on Thames Festival, curated by London Short Film Festival,

September 2018, UK

Video Installation at Houghton Festival, August 2018, UK

Celeste Prize Exhibition, Oxo Tower Wharf, London, October 2017, UK

Private view of Further Away at Copeland Gallery, Peckham, June 2017, UK

Private view of Assemblage at Haymarket Hotel, Mayfair, September 2016, UK

Dark Arts Exhibition at Candid Arts Trust, Angel, October 2016, UK

FOURTH exhibition at Brixton East, June 2016, UK


TRIP Zine Launch night at Arcola Bar, London 2019, UK

Everyman Screen on the Green, London, 2019, UK

Strange Umbrellas #21, V22 Louise House, London, 2018, UK

HORIZON for Shorts on Tap, BFI Southbank London, 2018, UK

London Topophobia 16, 2017, UK

Hidden People documentary

screening at House of Vans, 2017, UK


Memory & Imagined Landscape, 2017, JAPAN/ UK

Close-up Cinema, 2016 as part of " Take Two: Le Quattro Volte / To the Wolf", UK

Bristol Experimental Expanded Film’s Event Celhlapod at Supernormal Festival 2016, UK

Festival 23, 2016, UK

Fort Process Festival, 2016, UK


Live visuals for Alabaster De Plume at Church of Sound, London 2020, UK

Live visuals for Navu at The Old Baths, London 2020, UK

Live visuals for The Comet is Coming at Shepard's Bush Empire, London 2019, UK

Live visuals for Toy at Studio 9294, London 2019, UK

Live visuals for Snapped Ankles Village Underground, London & Invisible Wind Factory Liverpool 2019, UK

Adrena Adrena Support for Snapped Ankles UK Tour Autumn 2019 

Live visuals for Samuel Kerridge at The Lowry, Manchester 2019, UK

Live visuals for Lia Mice at Islington Assembly Hall, London 2019, UK

Live visuals for Samuel Kerridge at Berlin Atonal Festival, 2019, GERMANY

Live visuals for HAHA Sounds Collective at Tate Modern, London 2019, UK

Live visuals for HAHA Sounds Collective at Le Beau Festival Paris, FRANCE

Live visuals for Toy at Largo Rome 2019, ITALY

Live visuals for Snapped Ankles at Oslo, London 2019, UK

Live visuals for Toy at Village Underground plus Adrena Adrena support, London 2019, UK

Adrena Adrena Japan & Taiwan Tour Winter 2018

Adrena Adrena Live at Lewes Con Club with Damo Suzuki, Lewes 2018, UK

Adrena Adrena UK Tour Autumn 2018 

360degree Live show at CERN Globe of Science and Innovation for Cineglobe Film Festival, 2018, Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Live visuals for Grimm Grimm Tour, Summer 2018

Adrena Adrena UK Tour Spring 2018

Adrena Adrena at Lewes Psychedelic Festival, 2018, UK

London Short Film Festival 2018 Opening Night: Movements of a Nebulous Dawn at The ICA London, UK 

Adrena Adrena UK Tour Winter 2017

Adrena Adrena at Dronica Festival, London 2017, UK

Adrena Adrena at Splice Festival 2017, UK

Live visuals for Seefeel Tour, Spring 2017, UK/GERMANY/ FRANCE/BELGIUM

Audio Visual Night at New River Studios 2016, UK

Adrena Adrena at Zorofest 2016, Leipzig GERMANY

Adrena Adrema w/ Acid Mothers Temple, 2016, UK

Adrena Adrena at End of the Road Festival, 2016, UK

Adrena Adrena at Fort Process Festival, 2016 ,Newhaven Fort UK


Adrena Adrena at Supernormal Festival, 2016, Reading UK

Adrena Adrena at Greenhouse, Berlin 2016 GERMANY

Adrena Adrena at Cafe Oto w/ Pika-Makoto, 2016, UK

Adrena Adrena at International Festival of Projections, 2016 UK

"My Odd Kan" with Noriko Okaku, Akihide Monna & Koichi Yamanoha  in Tokyo for Bang the Noise, 2016, JAPAN

Live Visuals for Grimm Grimm tour, 2015 ITALY

Live Visuals for Grimm Grimm at Cafe Oto, 2015, UK